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Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary with Event Styling

Creating a memorable event requires careful planning and attention to detail, and one of the most impactful ways to leave a lasting impression on your guests is through event styling. From weddings and birthdays to corporate gatherings and themed parties, event styling can transform any space into a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

Neon Signs: Adding a Pop of Colour

Our Neon signs are vibrant glowing signs that are the perfect addition to your event decor. We have 2 neon signs to hire: Our “Let’s Party” Neon sign scripts the words “Let’s Party” to engage your guests to have fun! It illuminates a bright warm yellow and white light which creates an inviting atmosphere that will make your guests feel welcome when they walk into the room. Our “All you need is Love” sign is an eye-catching sign that is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests. Add this neon sign to any special events such as weddings, engagement parties and bridal showers. It illuminates a pink bright light that will fill your event space with romantic air! Whether you want to display the names of the newlyweds at a wedding reception or a catchy slogan at a backyard party, our neon signs are the perfect decor to add!

One of the greatest advantages of neon signs is their ability to create a unique ambiance. The soft, warm glow of our “Let’s party” neon sign can set the mood and create an inviting atmosphere, making your guests feel comfortable and immersed in the event. The stylish and romantic allure of our “All you need is love” sign will create a loving vibe to your event space. 

Additionally, neon signs work beautifully as photo backdrops, providing a perfect spot for Instagram-worthy snapshots that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

couple posing in front of a black mesh hoop backdrop with a lets party neon sign and florals

Festoon Light: Adding Warmth and Elegance

Festoon lights, also known as string lights or cafe lights, are a timeless addition to event styling. These delicate strands of bulbs create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making them ideal for outdoor events, garden parties, or rustic-themed weddings. Our Festoon lights can be hung from trees, draped across open spaces, or even used to outline the perimeter of your event space.

The soft, ambient light provided by our festoon light adds a touch of romance and elegance to any event. They can be used to define different areas within your venue, such as the dance floor, dining area, or lounge space. Our Festoon light can also be combined with other elements, like floral arrangements and greenery, to create a stunning visual impact.

Hoop Backdrops: Creating Visual Interest and Focal Points

Our Hoop backdrops are a great addition to your event styling if you want to create a stylish backdrop for instagram photos. These circular frames, often adorned with greenery, flowers, or other decorative elements, can serve as eye-catching focal points at your event. We have a range of white and black hoop backdrops as well as mesh hoop backdrops that are perfect for weddings, photo booths, and stage decorations.

One of the advantages of hoop backdrops is their adaptability. They can be customised to match your event’s colour scheme and theme, whether it’s a rustic, bohemian, or modern affair. The circular shape of hoop backdrops also provides a pleasing contrast to the typically rectangular or square elements found in most event spaces, adding a unique and artistic touch to your decor.

At Luxe Hire, not only do we have Hoop backdrops but we also have Bridal arch and White Sail Backdrop. These are a great clean canvas for you to personalise into something beautiful and creative.

Light-Up LOVE Letter

Add a personal and glamorous touch to your event styling with our Light-up LOVE Letter! 

Our Light up LOVE Letter are large with a height of 90cm. What is very unique and special about this is the ‘O’ in love is replaced with a love heart for a charming and romantic atmosphere to your event. Our LOVE Light up letter illuminates a bright white light which instantly draws attention and creates a sense of grandeur. Whether you are proposing to your partner or celebrating an anniversary, this Light up LOVE letter is the way to make a bold statement. 

By incorporating elements such as neon signs, festoon lights, hoop backdrops, and light-up letter signs, you can create a captivating and immersive experience for your guests. These elements add personality, warmth, visual interest, and personalisation to your event decor, leaving a lasting impression that your attendees will cherish for years to come. At Luxe Hire, we have everything you need to create a wonderful unforgettable event! Our Event styling props and decor range can transform your next gathering into a truly unforgettable occasion.

Light up letter scripting LOVE at an engagement party