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Trendy Event Hire Equipments for Events

In the ever-evolving landscape of event planning, staying ahead of trends is key to curating memorable and impactful experiences. From chic seating options to innovative lighting and interactive elements, the world of event hire equipment is teeming with trendy offerings that redefine gatherings. Here’s a glimpse into the latest and most captivating equipment that’s shaping the event industry.

1. Lounge Seating and Modular Furniture

The era of traditional seating arrangements is evolving into stylish lounge areas. Think modular sofas, plush ottomans, and eclectic armchairs that encourage relaxation and social interaction. These versatile seating options not only add flair to events but also provide comfortable and intimate spaces for guests to unwind. At Luxe Hire, we have a wide range of sofas and lounges to hire for any type of events. Consider our Cane Sofa that features a natural rattan cane design with comfortable seated cushions. The cane design of the furniture piece gives off a timeless and exotic feel. This makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor events. It is the ideal casual seating for your guests to sit and relax whilst conversing. Not only do we have lounges but also ottomans benches. Our velvet ottoman range is one of our clients favourites. Ranging from pink, blue, black, white and emerald green. These comfortable benches can seat 2-3 people comfortably. It’s luxurious velvet material are padded which adds to the comfort of the bench. 

black velvet ottoman stools with rectangular gold coffee table

2. LED and Interactive Lighting

Lighting has transcended its conventional role and emerged as an immersive element in events. LED fixtures, interactive light displays, and projection mapping technology are transforming venues into captivating visual experiences. From colour-changing accents to dynamic light shows synced with music, these innovations add depth and ambiance to any gathering. Check out Sound and Lighting Hire for AV equipment for your event. Sound and lighting has a range of laser and uplighting light par cans. With their laser lights you can transform your event creatively. The use of Par cans allows you to have a wash of light that can be set to the colour of your event themes. This completes the look of your event theme together. 

White Picket Fence

3. Digital Photo Booths and Selfie Stations

Photo booths have undergone a digital makeover, integrating technology for interactive and personalised experiences. GIF booths, green screens, and augmented reality filters have made capturing memories more engaging and shareable. Selfie stations equipped with props and customisable backdrops continue to be a hit, offering guests an opportunity to create and instantly share fun moments.

fun accessories for photo booth