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Tiffany Chair Hire – The Perfect Wedding Chair

Are you planning for your own wedding or are you an event planner planning a wedding? Whether it’s your own or someone else’s wedding, choosing the perfect wedding chair is paramount when it comes to wedding planning. Chairs are definitely important as that is where your guests will be seated, watching you say your vows and become husband & wife! At Luxe Hire, weddings are our specialty, we have an extensive range of wedding chairs and wedding hire to cater to any theme you are going for. As wedding specialists, we highly recommend Tiffany chairs as your wedding chair. 

Why is it called Tiffany chairs? 

Tiffany chairs are also known as Chiavari chairs. These chairs are mostly called Tiffany Chairs in countries like Australia, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Thailand. In Canada, the United Kingdom and America, these chairs are more known as Chiavari chairs. Chiavari chairs was named after the Italian city ‘Chiavari’ where the designer Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi created this iconic wedding chair. The chair was a staple for dining rooms to ballrooms and now is a classic wedding chair after the gold tiffany chair being used at John and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding reception in 1953. So there is no real difference between the chiavari chair and tiffany chair. 

Gold Tiffany Chair for Weddings

Gold Tiffany Chair

With its growing reputation and becoming a staple wedding chair, of course you need to include this as part of your wedding hire! They are a classic and elegant chair that will complement any wedding theme. At Luxe Hire, we offer a range of colours such as gold, white, black and clear tiffany chairs! If you are going for a regal and royalty type of wedding vibe, we highly recommend the Gold tiffany chair hire. Our gold tiffany chair hire is sure to create a memorable wedding day experience for you and your partner with its timeless regal beauty! The fact that Tiffany chair are easily stackable and lightweight, makes it the ideal wedding chair due to its easy transportation and easy set up which is always a plus.

White Tiffany Chair

Our second most popular colour is the white tiffany chair hire, which is a more dignified and elegant option especially if you are going for a white classical themed wedding. The white tiffany chair is crafted with a solid white coloured resin frame and plush white leather cushion for extra comfort. These Tiffany chair hire not only look pretty but they are also comfortable as cushions are easily added to the seat base, easily stackable and lightweight. 

With its slim frame, it creates more room to style and decorate the tiffany chair to suit your wedding theme even more. For example, you can style it with a bow, a chair sash, flowers, ribbons or even without any decorations, it still looks stunning in any setting. Tiffany chair hire are also great for its versatility and functionality – they work well for dining settings on both small tables and large dining hall banquets. As they are armless, tiffany chairs take up less space for your wedding reception or wedding ceremony.