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Get Creative With Wedding Chairs

Planning a wedding is the perfect canvas to paint all your wants and needs to make your wedding day special. One aspect that is essential but very much overlooked are chairs. Wedding chairs are not a priority when planning a wedding but they are important. You can’t have your guests standing uncomfortably throughout the ceremony. With creativity, you can utilise your chairs to uplift the transformation of your venue. Here, we will explore the current trends and how we can incorporate it to decorate your chairs.

Weaving Elegance with Ribbons

Ribbons are currently trending. These can be seen adorned on bags, headphones, clothing and even used as shoe laces. Ribbons are a versatile addition that can be used to decorate chairs. Instantly, adding a touch of sophisticated and loveliness. You can consider draping satin or organza ribbons over the backs of chairs for a graceful, cascading effect. Tiffany chairs are a great seating option to add ribbons. As their spindle back rest allows room for ribbons to weaving through. Another idea is to mix and match colours that complement your theme. For example, if your theme is a pastel-coloured theme. With white Tiffany chairs, you can mix and match different coloured pastel ribbons. You can also opt for delicate lace ribbons for a vintage charm. 

Timeless Pearls

Pearls are an endless aesthetic that has been around since the 15th and 16th centuries. An accessory as old as this can still become an aesthetic today. We have seen people on vogue adorning pearls as necklaces and earrings. So why not decorate your wedding chairs with pearls? For a touch of timeless elegance, pearls are a subtle yet exquisite choice. You can string them across the chair backs or attach them to ribbon knots for a luxurious feel. Other ideas you can do, is to create a classic look by adorning the corners of chair sashes with pearl clusters or incorporate pear-studded brooches for a glamorous finish.

Natural Beauty of Floral Arrangements

Flowers play an essential role in weddings, adorning not just the bride’s bouquet but also accentuated by the entire bridal party. Infuse nature’s beauty into your chairs with floral arrangements. You can consider adorning chair backs with small bouquets or single blooms tied with ribbons. Why not intertwine greenery or baby’s breath with the ribbons for a whimsical touch. For a more lavish affair, opt for larger floral arrangements attached to the side or top of chairs, creating a stunning focal point.