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Furniture Tips on Planning a Wedding Reception

The ceremonial formalities are over, the vows exchanged, and now it’s time to celebrate the night away. But how do you ensure that your wedding reception space is not only inviting but also accommodates everyone comfortably? Here are five invaluable tips to perfect your furniture hire and reception space design.

wedding reception with tables and gold tiffany chairs

1. Plan Your Dining Table Layout First

The dining setup defines your space allocation. Long tables spanning the room, clusters of traditional 6, 8, or 10-seater tables, or round banquet tables—each layout option holds its charm. Deciding this layout first enables you to optimise the rest of your event space effectively.

2. Create a Comprehensive Floor Plan

Sketching out a floor plan is crucial to identify essential furniture items beyond dining setups. Prioritize areas like the dance floor or lounging sections. Use accurate measurements to ensure a scaled plan that accommodates your furniture without crowding the room.

3. Anticipate Guest Movement Throughout the Night

Consider where guests will be during various phases of the celebration. Pre-dinner drinks and canapés might be outdoors or in a specific section. Ensure comfort for non-dancing guests—think of cocktail bars or a cozy lounge area to complement dining tables.

4. Allocate Space Around the Bar

It’s often overlooked, but leaving room around the bar is crucial. Guests queuing or lingering around the bar can disrupt the flow. Place cocktail tables nearby to allow easy transition post-service and prevent congestion.

5. Separate Bar and Dance Floor Areas

Strategically positioning the bar and dance floor at opposite ends of the room offers practical advantages:

a) Minimise spillage risks by avoiding guest traffic crossing the dance floor with drinks.

b) Prevent congestion on the dance floor during peak bar times.

c) Keep the dance floor free from distractions caused by proximity to the bar, allowing uninhibited moves and enjoyment.

Designing your wedding reception space with these tips in mind ensures not just comfort but also a seamless flow, fostering an atmosphere where guests can revel in your special day with ease.

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