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Furniture Combinations for a Cocktail Event

Choosing furniture for a cocktail event isn’t quite as straightforward as a sit-down dinner reception. With so many different furniture styles to choose from, it can feel overwhelming trying to piece everything together!

So when it comes to mixing and matching high bar tables and bar stools with lounges, coffee tables and ottomans, how do you make sure everything works well together on the day? We recommend figuring out your event style or theme first, then thinking about the kind of colours, textures and furniture styles that best reflect this. The key to planning a cocktail style event is choosing pieces that compliment each other while also working harmoniously with your venue surroundings and overall theme.

To show you what this looks like in action, keep reading as we share furniture combinations for 3 different styling concepts. From garden parties, coastal vibes and modern luxe, scroll on for some furniture inspiration for a seamless cocktail party event

Garden Party Cocktail Furniture Styling

A sophisticated “garden party” vibe is ideal for cocktail weddings and milestones celebrations in a lush outdoor location. Think relaxed elegance, timeless colours and classic decor.

With this furniture: A classic mix of cane, natural or white rattan sofa lounges, wire sofa lounges and arm chairs with white, pink or emerald green velvet cushions, white wire cocktail tables or our pink or green terrazzo top bar tables and stools mixed with market umbrellas.

Coastal Cocktail Furniture Styling

Create the perfect coastal cocktail party using natural textures and neutral colours inspired by the ocean. Keep things simple and refined with subtle nautical accents to tie the look together.

With this furniture: Anything from our cane, natural or white rattan sofa lounges, wire sofa lounges and arm chairs with white or navy blue velvet cushions, relaxing blue and white striped deck chairs, white wire cocktail tables and white stools or opt with our white high bar tapas table, mixed with market umbrellas. Want to add a touch of luxe? Why not consider incorporating gold wire stools.

Modern Luxe Cocktail Styling

Create a modern luxe feel using high-end finishes like marble, brass and wire. Keep things sleek and sophisticated with pops of colour and plenty of metallic accents.

With this furniture: Pair our wire sofa velvet sofas lounges in sleek black or pink and velvet ottoman benches and stools with our brass cocktail tables, rectangular coffee tables and gold wire stools for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Gold Wire Bar Table

We always recommend organising enough cocktail seating for between 50-70% of your guests, and using a mix of both high and low furniture.