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Creating Outdoor Gatherings with Picnic Table Hire

When it comes to hosting outdoor gatherings with a touch of bohemian charm, there’s nothing quite like low-lying boho picnic tables. These timeless pieces of outdoor furniture have been a staple for family gatherings, community events, and casual get-togethers for generations. At Luxe Hire, we offer Low-Lying Boho Picnic Tables that provide the perfect setting for enjoying a meal, playing games, or simply relaxing in the beauty of the outdoors.

boho picnic tables

The Perfect Setting for Meals

Low-lying boho picnic tables are the epitome of bohemian outdoor dining. Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue, a rustic family picnic, or a garden party with a boho twist, our tables offer an ideal space for your culinary creations. Our Low-Lying Boho Picnic Tables feature a classic design, with a stylish white pine timber top supported by sturdy timber trestle legs. The wooden trestle legs can be easily removed for convenient transportation, setup, and packing. The spacious and robust construction ensures there’s ample room for everyone to sit comfortably and savour their meals.

One of the standout features of our Low-Lying Boho Picnic Tables is their close-to-the-ground design, which perfectly complements the boho aesthetic. You can forgo the need for chairs and instead create a cozy and relaxed seating arrangement using rugs or seat cushions. Our tables are 150cm in length, 81cm wide, providing ample space to comfortably seat 4 to 6 people, making them perfect for various outdoor boho dining scenarios.

Customisation and Decor

Boho gatherings are all about self-expression and creating a laid-back, eclectic vibe. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space by personalising your low-lying boho picnic tables to match your chosen boho theme or style. The possibilities are endless. Consider adding a colourful, patterned rug to bring warmth and boho character to your picnic table setup. Pair this with an array of comfy cushions and table runners to create a relaxed, boho-chic look.

Match your crockery and glassware with earthy, boho-inspired tones to create a harmonious and visually appealing presentation. Elevate the atmosphere further by introducing floral arrangements that feature a mix of wildflowers and greenery. This natural touch will bring a bohemian, outdoor garden feel to your event.

Space for Games and Activities

Boho gatherings are known for their carefree and unconventional spirit. Low-lying boho picnic tables are not just for dining; they can also serve as central hubs for various outdoor activities and games that complement the boho ethos. For example, set up an art corner with blank canvases, paints, brushes, and a bottle of wine to create a “paint and sip” activity. This artistic endeavour allows you and your guests to unleash your creativity while enjoying a delightful glass of wine.

Alternatively, bring along board games, acoustic instruments, or a deck of cards to encourage impromptu music sessions and rounds of relaxed fun and entertainment. Our Low-Lying Boho Picnic Tables provide a stable and comfortable surface for your chosen activities, ensuring that your gathering is not just about dining but also about making lasting memories and creating a boho-inspired outdoor experience.

Incorporate our Low-Lying Boho Picnic Tables into your bohemian-inspired outdoor event and transform your space into a charming, inviting, and uniquely boho setting. Whether it’s a casual family picnic, a boho garden party, or an outdoor game night with a boho twist, our tables are the perfect addition to create a memorable boho outdoor gathering that everyone will cherish. With an array of customisation options and practical features, Our Low-Lying Boho Picnic Tables offer a versatile and attractive solution for all your outdoor boho event needs.